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West Pharmaceutical - Westar

West Pharmaceutical - Westar

"Our experiences with Althouse Martin have been overwhelmingly positive, particularly in the coordination and communication that is so critical...
They have demonstrated their expertise in understanding and anticipating the needs of the end user..."
- Harry F. Scheid, II (Horst Construction - President & CEO)

Project Type:  Addition and Renovation

Completed Date:  Summer 2014

Features: Using precast concrete panels and barjoist roof system, an addition was designed to increase the existing pharmaceutical manufactuing plant. Existing warehouse space was also converted to create ISO-rated clean rooms for product washing. Spaces for water treatment and laboratory were also part of the design. A main feature of the design was creating a customer corridor that allowed a visitor to feel as though they were in the clean manufacturing environment.


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West Pharmaceutical - WestarWest Pharmaceutical - WestarWest Pharmaceutical - WestarWest Pharmaceutical - WestarWest Pharmaceutical - Westar